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About Us

Dear Potential Partner…Yes-You!!!

The Welsh Veterans Partnership is here to assist you, whether you are a Service Veteran or a serviceman or woman just about to leave the Forces, in finding the answer to your concerns whatever they are related to. In partnership with multiple third sector, local authorities and hosing associations we will find a way to resolving your issue no matter how large or small. All you need to do is contact us via the Veterans tab and we will respond.

The WVP is the legacy of a charity walk around Wales in 2013 (Walk on Wales (WOW)) which was organized by some Falklands veterans of the Welsh Guards. Over 2000 people took part and raised over £300,000 for Combat Stress and the Welsh Guards Afghanistan Appeal. It was a great success in many ways, not least in providing a rare occasion for people to gather, walk and share experiences. But by the end of the walk, there was a consensus that there is not as much provision for veterans in Wales as there is in other parts of the UK. The Initial instinct was to establish another military charity in what is already a crowded field . So another journey around Wales was undertaken by our Chairman, but this time by bicycle in order to establish if a gap existed in service provision that required another player to take to the field. On completion of his journey he concluded that there were a number of gaps in the provision of support to veterans, but gaps that potentially could be filled by better coordination of the players already out there. The decision was to establish the Welsh Veterans Partnership with key emphasis on the Welsh and Partnership.

Today, 3 years on we have established a network of partners from across the third sector, local authorities, further and higher education facilities and housing associations that have successfully contributed to the wellbeing of over ????? veterans and service leavers, including service families.

Our Mission

  1. Our mission is to enable improvements, identify gaps in service which will aid in the delivery of transition and settlement of veterans in Wales and if necessary. To achieve this we are willing to evolve and help in partnerships build a co-ordinating body in the longer term.
  2. Is to improve within the third sector in Wales, communication, form partnerships, aid sign posting which in turn will help with planning affordable housing strategy in Wales. Working with major stakeholders, military charities, and the welsh family of regiments to aid transition and communication to the benefit of the Welsh veterans community and families in Wales. 
  3. To gather data and highlight gaps in service provision for veterans in Wales, to aid policy and planning, aid provision and fighting for a whole of Wales holistic approach to serve servicemen and women past and present in Wales and aid the wider family of veterans and welsh communities that they come from. This will be achieved by us, WVP, participating in cross party groups working with local and central government and third sector. 
  4. To actively seek a voice in Wales for Veterans and Service families i.e. we believe that Wales should have its own minister for veteran’s affairs which would greatly aid a positive investment to veteran’s services in Wales. Both Scotland and England have this post for their respective parliaments. 


Meet our awesome Volunteers here at Welsh Veterans Partnership!

David Price

Volunteer Co-ordinator


Volunteer Outreach worker
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Volunteer Outreach worker



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